5 Solutions for Your Remote Work Security

5 Solutions for Your Remote Work Security

It is no coincidence that a major shift to remote work in recent years has also coincided with an increase in cybercriminal activity. Remote work boasts a bevy of benefits for businesses that are adapting to a digital ecosystem, but it also presents its own set of unique challenges as well. Namely, security challenges that aren’t typically confronted in traditional office environments. Below, we identify five solutions that are sure to increase cyber security for your remote workforce.

Create a Clearly Defined Telework Policy

Preventing remote access threats can largely be accomplished with a thorough telework policy. Employees can put your network at risk without even knowing it, which is why we suggest implementing the following ideas.

  • Determine whether or not employees are allowed to do work on personal devices.
  • Determine which data employees can or cannot download to personal devices.
  • How employees should report when they suspect that a cyberattack has taken place.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

Data encryption is one of the most reliable ways to protect sensitive information, especially while your workforce is remote. It is easier for information to be intercepted while traveling through the internet or if business devices are lost outside of a corporate setting. One of the simplest ways to ensure exchange of encrypted data throughout your business network is by implementing remote systems such as VPNs, which are designed with encryption already built in.

Employ User Authentication

Sometimes, taking proper security measures requires more time and effort. For example, Florida IT companies will usually suggest adopting the principle of least privilege. What this principle means is that all employees are restricted from data access by default, and only enabled for the specific accounts that require it. Businesses can save time by granting their entire workforce access to telework assets, but it puts you at greater risk of cyberattacks.

Update Your Security Constantly

In this modern age, it is not enough just to utilize network security systems such as firewalls, antivirus software, and spam filtering tools. Businesses also need to ensure that their protective software is up to date and supported. It is imperative to make sure that any device used by your remote workforce to access sensitive data is equipped with these security systems and updated frequently.

Expect the Best but Prepare for the Worst

All the best cybersecurity practices start with the assumption that attacks will occur. After all, even with a plethora of security systems at your disposal, it is impossible to say with absolute certainty that nothing will compromise your network. Even if it is difficult to accept, you must remain cognizant of the fact that threats to cybersecurity are present on a daily basis – even within the infrastructure and applications used by your employees.

No matter how large or small your company is, Florida cybersecurity remains equally important for all businesses. At Applied Cyber Solutions, we understand how important it is to protect your assets and establish a secure digital workplace. Learn more about our IT services in Florida today by reviewing the details of each of our cybersecurity tools.

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