5 Ways to Prevent a Data Breach in Your Company

5 Ways to Prevent a Data Breach in Your Company

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for every business as data breaches become more common. For every new security update that your IT service installs, there are clever criminals who can work around it. 

This constant escalation means your company's security practices are as important as the technology it uses to reduce the risks of breaches. Let’s look at 5 important practices: 

1. Limit Access to Sensitive Data

You don’t have to give every employee broad-reaching access to every part of your business. In fact, it’s better if you limit access to your digital data as well. 

A company that provides IT services in Florida can set up a system that restricts access to hardware, digital files, and online content. Once set up, the system will be easy for you to use with minimal training.

2. Monitor Third-Party Vendors

An aspect of cybersecurity in Pensacola, FL that often gets ignored is the security risks associated with third-party vendors. Even though you might have a good relationship with the company that fills your snack machines or services your office copier, their employees may be a different story. 

Limit their access to your systems and make sure they are monitored whenever they are on your business property.

3. Use IT Services in Florida to Keep Your System Updated

Many businesses stop using third-party IT services once they have a system installed. They assume they will always be protected once they have an expertly-designed cybersecurity system. Unfortunately, if you don’t keep your system updated regularly, you’ll be exposing your computer network and your business to new threats.

4. Train and Test Your Employees

A third-party IT company can provide cybersecurity training for you and your employees. Taking advantage of this type of training will help your employees stay alert to phishing scams and other threats that might target your business. Once trained, your staff should be randomly tested to make sure they understand the training.

5. Create a Response Plan

Even when you take the best precautions, preventing a data breach may not always be possible. You should have a plan in place for responding to any breach that does occur. 

Designate someone to notify your customers of the breach. Appoint another individual to keep your business operational. Ensure your IT company is notified so they can address the cause of the breach promptly.

Rather than installing a store-bought cybersecurity suite, you’ll be able to protect your business better with a cybersecurity service. A third-party IT provider can customize security for your company's system and monitor it for weaknesses and potential threats. 

In conjunction with your staff’s good cybersecurity practices, this type of service will go a long way towards keeping your company's data secure.

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