Avoid These 4 Consequences of System Downtime with IT Support

Avoid These 4 Consequences of System Downtime with IT Support

More businesses than ever are relying on IT infrastructure to deliver cutting-edge products, services, and applications. This ever-growing dependence on technology goes hand-in-hand with a rapid rise in the cost and impact of system downtime. The average cost of a single minute of system downtime is about $5,600, though the specific dollar amount depends on the size, scope, and characteristics of a business. Below, we break down four consequences of system downtime so you can understand the importance of trustworthy IT infrastructure and support.

Damage to Your Reputation

System downtime does more than just impede your ability to operate in the short term. It can have some long-lasting ramifications as well, long after the problem has been resolved. When your customers are unable to access crucial services or products due to downtime, then they could stop using them. Plus, they may even share their poor experience with others. As negative word of mouth spreads, your brand image will start to suffer for it. Even the most trusted brand names can suffer from a single outage.

Missed Opportunities

System uptime represents endless business opportunities. It can be said, then, that system downtime hinders those opportunities. A majority of transactions today, whether from brand to brand or brand to customer, are done over the network. When systems go down and prevent transactions from going through, then individuals often move on and search for other stores or suppliers. Not only that, but many customers have also been found to avoid brands that suffer from slow service. Top Florida IT companies can ensure that your business won’t miss out on any key opportunities by providing consumers with fast and secure network connectivity.

Loss of Data

Even when companies back up their data, they are still exposed to some serious risks when data is lost during system downtime. Besides files potentially getting damaged or corrupted during an outage, loss of data can also open opportunities for cyberattacks in the future that will further threaten important data. Once your customers fear for their ability to access their own data, then they will lose confidence in your brand and potentially move on to cybersecurity services from other providers. Don’t let data loss prevent your company from growing and nip that problem in the bud with IT services in Florida.

Less Productivity

Simply put, when systems go down, then your team can’t do their job. More devices and applications rely on internet connection and cloud synchronization than ever before. Therefore, if your team cannot access your network, then they cannot provide services to clients. Any business operations compromised by system downtime will cause other operations to suffer, as well. That is why system downtime often creates an unfortunate series of events that results in staff not being able to stay productive.

Regardless of how quickly any system downtime is resolved, you have to stay cognizant of the possible repercussions that it could have on business operations, employee productivity, and brand image. Even incidents that are seemingly harmless can have lasting consequences that you may not be aware of. Instead of waiting for system downtime to happen to you, contact top IT companies in Florida, like Applied Cyber Solutions, today.

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