How IT Support Services Are Driving the Education Sector

How IT Support Services Are Driving the Education Sector

IT support services play a pivotal role in the modern education sector. By receiving valuable services, such as cloud management, networking, and more, educational facilities can improve their quality of teaching, which yields a more informed generation.

Computer IT services have a positive impact on a wide breadth of industries, but that impact looks a bit different in the education sector relative to other mediums. Below, we go into greater detail about how IT companies in Florida and the world over are facilitating a higher quality of education.

Security for Virtual Learning

Remote learning was already well on track to becoming publicly relevant. Then, the global pandemic spurred this movement to the point where it’s at today. As more students are learning remotely and using more devices – laptops, tablets, and the like – networks are exposed to a higher risk of attack. Cybersecurity services keep your school network safe so students can learn safely.

Maintain Top-to-Bottom Privacy

From students to faculty, educational institutions must keep a lot of valuable information on record. This often includes home addresses, health records, grades, and even disciplinary history. The most efficient way to save this data is online. However, this also means that it is at risk of being compromised by cyberattacks. An experienced managed service IT provider can keep your private info locked safely away.

Filter Out Non-Educational Material

Even when students learned in-person at educational facilities, they could still use hardware to access non-educational websites. In the current age, it’s even easier for students to use their school devices or class time to look up distractions on the internet, such as videos and games. IT support companies can help you out with this problem by offering a domain name search filter. This way, students won’t be able to access non-educational sites and instead focus on their learning.

Bring the Network Together

The Internet of Things has become an integral part of everyday life, even in some surprising applications like smart refrigerators. In addition to the increasing number of computers and tablets that are prevalent in school, there is also a wide variety of other devices that connect to your network, like printers and copiers just to name a couple. Each device that connects to your network presents a possible risk in the event of a cyberattack. Florida IT companies, like Applied Cyber Solutions, can keep every possible window into your network locked down.

Transition to the Cloud

The cloud is an invaluable tool that represents the future of data management – especially as schools continue to integrate remote learning into their curriculums. Using the cloud, the education sector can have larger and safer file storage, streamlined communications, and digital tools built to promote virtual learning. The cloud offers a plethora of benefits, but the transition to cloud-based computing can be risky if not overseen by experienced IT support companies.

IT support services are driving unprecedented growth in many different sectors, and the education industry is no different. By adding cybersecurity services to your virtual portfolio, your students are sure to enjoy a safer and higher-quality education. Plus, making these changes will still benefit operations even when students return to in-person learning.

At Applied Cyber Solutions, we are passionate about giving our clients the chance to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Ask us about our IT services in Florida to learn how we can make your educational institution a better place to learn.

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