What Is a Tech Audit and How Often Should It Be Completed

What Is a Tech Audit and How Often Should It Be Completed

Cybersecurity is more important than ever now that the growth of big data is showing companies large and small just how much valuable information they can glean from their customers. 

From tracking customer behaviors for marketing to massive silos of information about user history to invaluable records that streamline the user experience, data provides wonderful benefits. But it also presents a tempting target for cybercriminals looking to abuse or sell information for fraudulent and criminal purposes. 

Whether you’re looking locally for IT support companies in Pensacola or searching anywhere else in the world — which remote connections and managed service options make easy — cybersecurity providers encourage companies to conduct tech audits regularly. 

What Is a Tech Audit? 

To sum it up: a tech audit is a thorough and complete evaluation of a company’s entire infrastructure and how it uses those features. This review analyzes both software and hardware — it covers every single IT asset a company owns. 

The audit reviews data storage and security protocols to confirm the company keeps all its information safe and secure, without security loopholes that malicious actors can exploit. Most of all, it identifies areas of concern and opportunities to improve efficiency and security. 

It isn’t intended to highlight mistakes but to identify ways a company can better use and protect its assets.  

How Often Should a Company Perform a Tech Audit?

There’s no one answer that works for every company because every company is different. But no matter how often they’re run, these audits should be regular rather than one-and-done. 

They are a preventative measure meant to catch the warning signs before issues grow into catastrophes. Because threats are always evolving, companies should run tech audits that keep up with up-to-date threats as often as they can afford the time and money to do so. 

A tech audit should also include a development cycle to implement recommendations and patch holes in the tech surface that the audit discovers. After all, a threat not acted upon remains a threat if no action is taken against it. 

IT Companies in Pensacola Offer Some of the Best Third-Party Tech Audits

Cybersecurity is a hot-button topic everywhere in the world, and cybersecurity in Pensacola, FL, is some of the best. The city’s industry centers around military aviation and naval bases, which face the toughest cybersecurity threats in the world. 

This exposure gives local IT providers plenty of experience with the most dangerous cybersecurity obstacles facing companies today. 

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